Creating high quality film & television that everyone loves.

Giving women of color the opportunity to be who we already know we are: strong, creative, driven forces that can rewrite the history of the world. 


In 2015 Marti joined forces with Jasmin S Greene, a writer/director she met while in college at Hampton University. Together they created DPP, a film and tv production company geared to creating high content with women of color.

The gender gap in Hollywood is no secret. Only 27% of producers are women, 13% are writers, and 13% are directors. When you add being a woman of color these numbers dwindle even more, both behind and in front of the camera. "We knew we wanted to make our mark in this male dominated industry, but we also knew we were not the type of women to wait around for a hand out from our male peers. After years of working for men we decided to open our own door. We knew it was long time to change these statistics but the only way to do so was to create our own opportunities." - Jasmin S Greene

DPP was born because overall, every "picture" in Hollywood is a "dick pic", AKA, men are in the principal positions behind camera, and men often have the smartest and most challenging roles on screen.  "As women, and women of color we decided we wanted to work together to create opportunities for ourselves and others like us. DPP strives to create meaningful work that either has a woman of color as its lead, and/or fills the principal behind the camera roles such as producer, writer, director, and DP with a woman of color. " - Marti Hines

This is a man's world, this is a man's world / But it wouldn't be nothing, nothing without a woman




PAPER FRIENDS is the story of a group of college friends reuniting after twenty years for a classic New York City night. As the night progresses financial differences reveal why these friends really drifted apart. PAPER FRIENDS aired on BETHer on May 4, 2019.


DIE EXPATS explores love, loss and lust, identity and modern relationships. It is a story of four people in search of reclaiming a sense of self while navigating the knotted, overlapping space they occupy. When said space begins closing in around them, they realize the only way to get out, and not be squashed by it, is to examine their own intentions, and be willing to let go of the past, and each other. The saying goes, people come to Berlin to find what they want; but for this group, Berlin is the bearer of disillusionment. Perhaps in finding out what they don't want, Vivian, Nate, Sienna and Andreas finally uncover what it is they each truly need.


Marti’s upcoming feature, WE ALL NEED THERAPY, is currently in pre-production. In the film, a deranged therapist tries to win back her ex by giving therapy to his unsuspecting wife, until a secret is revealed that drives her to the other side of the couch.